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August 10, 2024


The Elkhorn Relay is a race like no other!  You get to build relationships with old friends and sometimes new ones by being in a rig for a day while you and your teammates take turns running one of their legs in the relay.


This relay is a one day 6 man team that runs through the Elkhorn Mountains for 80.6 miles.  Each teammate will run 3 times with an average of 13 miles per runner for the day. The race starts at Hilgard State Park and ends at the lodge at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort. Teammates will run on several mediums of pavement, gravel, and everyone’s last leg is on trail.

Porta potties are provided after each leg of the race. Snacks/drinks are not a given, but are a happy blessing when provided by the volunteers working an aid station.



While start times very, here are some estimates to give you an idea.  Team captains will be notified of their team's start time a couple weeks before the race.

            Teams running 10:00 minute/mile average:                                                                   Teams running a 8:00 minute/mile average

            - Approximate Start Time 5:00 am                                                                                        - Approximate Start Time 8:00am

            - Approximate Finish Time 7:30pm                                                                                        - Approximate Finish Time 7:00pm


            Teams running a 9:00 minute/mile average                                                                   Teams running a 7:00 minute/mile average

            - Approximate Start Time 7:00am                                                                                           - Approximate Start Time 9:00am

            - Approximate Finish Time 7:30pm                                                                                         - Approximate Finish Time 6:30pm

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